The Max Performance Mission is to provide the highest quality, comprehensive outpatient rehab services to all of our patients whose injuries prevent them from enjoying a productive, pain free lifestyle. Our goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of our patients by designing treatment programs that are tailored to their specific needs, abilities and personal goals.

By utilizing our vast training and knowledge, clinical experience and state-of-the-art rehab and exercise equipment, we offer our patients the optimal environment for complete recovery. However, it is not only the treatment technology and equipment that sets Max Performance apart from the rest. Even more so is the positive attitude and encouraging environment created by our team of caring professionals. Our approach, while highly professional, is more personal and relational than “institutional”. We believe that’s why our patients get better faster!

Our Commitment is to remain at the pinnacle of our profession through research and continuing education. We are committed to clinical excellence and providing the best possible customer service and care to our patients. Max Performance will continue to be an active member of our community and remain dedicated to helping make a positive difference!